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Simmons’ <i>The Terror</i> Heads to AMC
Simmons’ The Terror Heads to AMC
3 TV News
AMC is developing a drama series based on Dan Simmons' 2007 novel The Terror. Meanwhile, screenwriter David Kajganich is developing the script, and is also working on an adaptation of The Stand for Warner Bros.
3 CBR Exclusives
Augie has a sneak peak review of the new Stephen King-inspired mini-series, 'The Stand: Captain Trips' #1. Plus, what happens when tech podcasters blow off comics? And what's so different about 'Invincible''s coloring?
3 Comic News
"The Stand" artist Mike Perkins stops by REFLECTIONS to talk about the first stages of undertaking a three-year comic book epic, his favorite parts of the novel, and the launch parties for the highly anticipated project.
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