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A review a day: The Outfit
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Two word review: “Darwyn” and “Cooke.” Go buy! Oh, all right, I’ll give you some more. The Outfit is the second of Darwyn Cooke’s “Parker” adaptations from IDW, and this …
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In this week's WHEN WORDS COLLIDE, Timothy reflects on some old-school literary theory and how it applies to an important little piece of crime fiction by the always-impressive Darwyn Cooke.
What I bought – 6 October 2010
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“It’s like blue light when you touch me,” she’d say. “Electric blue light sparking between us.” She’d cry softly into my shoulder, tears of passion, because she couldn’t get close …
IDW Debuts at New York Comic Con
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Official Press Release Celebrating its first appearance at New York Comic Con, IDW Publishing is proud to host several award-winning creators and offer exclusive editions of major releases. Creators such …