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TEASER: Will Ben Grimm Be Worthy
3 Comic News
Marvel wraps the week with another "Fear Itself" teaser as Colossus, Hulk and the Thing all attempt to claim a fifth Mjolnir-like hammer while the question is asked once again, "Who are the worthy?"
This Is Your Life: Stan Lee!
3 Comic News
The Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre presents "This is Your Life: Stan Lee!" a send-up of the life & times of the Marvel Comics mastermind. We spoke with comedian Hal Rudnick about the show and his unique interpretation of "The Man."
Chris Yost on “Hulk Vs.”
3 Movie News
CBR News wraps up its interviews with the cast and crew of "Hulk Vs." with a chat with writer Chris Yost. Find out why the Hulk smashes Thor and Wolverine, as well as who might be next in Marvel's line of animated features.
Craig Kyle Talks “Hulk Vs.”
3 Movie News
Animation producer and comics writer Craig Kyle talks in-depth about Marvel's direct-to-DVD animated double-feature, "Hulk Vs.," as well as the process of writing superheroes for grown-ups, the future of Marvel Animation and much more.
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