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The CBR Review: “The Book of Eli”
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"The Book of Eli," opening January 15, is a well-made science fiction actioner with good performances, genuine twists and thoughtful spiritual and philosophical themes that will stay with the viewer long after the film is over.
Scribe of “Eli” – Gary Whitta
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Writer Gary Whitta spoke with CBR News in a one-on-on interview discussing the nature of "The Book of Eli," the caliber of acting involved and the miracle of a movie that looks and feels like what the original writer put to paper.
Stars of “Eli” – Mila Kunis
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CBR News spoke with "The Book of Eli" star Mila Kunis about working with Denzel Washington and the film's directors, the Hughes Brothers, the film's unusual chronological shooting schedule, dealing with uncooperative weather and more.