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Please, Mr. Schwarzenegger: No More Terminator
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So, apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement of a return to acting has prompted new interest in resurrecting his signature franchise, The Terminator. And while we all know that said time-traveling cyborg is keen to announce that he will be back, isn't it time to ask him to reconsider? Can't The Terminator just stay away?
CBR Games Roundup: May 2009
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CBR GAMES ROUNDUP is back for May, featuring titles like "Terminator Salvation, "Patapon 2," "Bionic Commando," "Punch Out!" and a little title called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," among others.
WC: “Terminator: Salvation”
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McG unveiled the world premiere of a new trailer for Terminator: Salvation at WonderCon (debuting in front of "Watchmen" this week), revealing a character who believes himself human, but may be mistaken...
NYCC: Terminator Salvation
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"Terminator Salvation" director McG premiered brand new footage of the upcoming apocalyptic actioner at NYCC and fielded fan questions ranging from Arnold's involvement to Christian Bale's infamous outburst.