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CCI: DC Comics All Access OGNs
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A crossover of creators from J. Michael Straczynski to Anthony Bourdain team up to discuss DC Comic slate of original graphic novels at Comic-Con with new info on the in progress sequel to "Batman Earth One."
CCI: JMS Spotlight
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J. Michael Straczynski managed his own Comic-Con spotlight panel, sharing news on "Superman: Earth One," "The Twelve," "Babylon 5," "World War Z" and his unexpected and happy family reunion.
CCI: DC’s Superman Panel
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The all-star creators behind the September relaunch of the original superhero take the stage at Comic-Con, and Superman news from Grant Morrison's on "Action Comics" to JMS on "Superman: Earth One" was there in full force.
ECCC: DC Nation
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Emerald City Comicon marked the first DC Nation run to be run by EIC Bob Harras. So what did he bring? News about upcoming books, creators Chris Roberson and Sergio Aragones, hints about heroes, and lots of donuts!
2010: The results are in!
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Diamond Comic Book Distributors announced its 2010 numbers yesterday, and the results were mixed: Sales of comics, graphic novels, and magazines in comics stores were down 3.5% for the year, …
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