Latest 'super hero squad' news

CCI: Marvel Interactive Panel
3 Video Game
Marvel Studios highlighted key features and gameplay elements of their upcoming slate of licensed games including "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions," "Marvel vs. Capcom 3," "Little Big Planet and many more.
NYTF: Hasbro’s Marvel Lineup
3 Comic News
Marvel's toy universe grows by leaps and bounds, as Hasbro unveils their 2010 lineup at the New York Toy Fair with new Iron Man movie figures, classic "Secret Wars" throwbacks and ultra cute Super Hero Squad figures & more.
Stan Lee Gets A “Super” Spotlight
3 Comic News
Smilin' Stan Lee finally takes on the role of one of Marvel's characters as part of his tongue-in-cheek performance on the animated "Super Hero Squad Show," plus a few teases about his potential part in Kenneth Branagh's "Thor."
CCI: Marvel Animation
3 Movie News
Marvel Animation provided updates on Nicktoons super hero series plus previews (included here!) of the Madhouse Studios and Warren Ellis superhero anime projects coming in 2010 and beyond.