Latest 'Street Fighter IV' news

CCI: Street Fighter Mania
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A crossover between the "Street Fighter" and "Tekken" video game universes was the highlight of an information-packed Street Fighter Mania panel at Comic-Con, and CBR has the game trailer! Check it out!
CBR Games Roundup: April 2010
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April is here, and the Games Roundup is back to highlight some of this month's video game releases. "Splinter Cell: Conviction," "Monster Hunter Tri" and "Super Street Fighter IV" are among the month's top offerings.
CBR Games Roundup: February 2009
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This month's roundup highlights releases including "Street Fighter IV," "Deadly Creatures," "House of the Dead: Overkill," " The Sims," not to mention the latest installment from the Grand Theft Auto franchise and much more.