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The October Faction #9
3 Comic Previews
In their first day of training as monster hunters, the Allan children must now face the most fearsome monster of them all… their mother! And in the process, a terrible …
The Disciples #3
3 Comic Previews
Our heroes journeyed to Jupiter’s moon Ganymede to track down a missing girl, but the moment they step out of the ship they’re faced with a bleak and hostile environment …
The Disciples #2
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS ONLY Despite foreboding premonitions, interstellar private investigators Dagmar, Rick, and Jules land on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede… and, to their horror, our doomed heroes realize things are far worse …
Zombies vs. Robots #7
3 Comic Previews
“The Man on the Moon!” A special full-length, standalone tale exploring different visions of the ZvR war as well as the origin of our mystery figure from above!
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