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Snow Vs. Snow: Which Fairy Tale Will Take The Crown?
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Comparing the trailers for next year's competing Snow White movies - Snow White and The Huntsman and Mirror Mirror, for those who haven't been paying attention (and who could blame you?) - feels like a lesson in contrasting the two leading schools of thought in mainstream fantasy storytelling these days. But which one is likely to have more sticking power with the public?
Mirror Mirror Trailer Debuts
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Relativity Media has unveiled the first trailer for Tarsem Singh's colorful and lighthearted reimagining of the Snow White tale, Mirror Mirror, which stars Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane and Sean Bean.
New Versions Of Snow White On Their Way
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The new trend for making "darker" movie versions of familiar fairy tales has reached Snow White, it seems: Not only is Disney working on its own Snow And The Seven, but other studios are eagerly exploring the potential of making Snow White And The Huntsman.