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What Was Your Favorite Movie of The Year?
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2012 was a busy year for genre movies, with long-awaited movies that may have disappointed (John Carter, Prometheus), franchises making new bids of life (Men in Black 3, Total Recall) and the superhero movies that ruled them all (The Dark Knight Rises and, of course, The Avengers). But what was your favorite movie of the year? Tell all in our poll.
Skyfall Brings Down the House
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The 23rd James Bond opened big this weekend at the North American box office, adding another $87.8 million to Skyfall's worldwide tally for an impress two-week total of $518.4 million.
Review | Skyfall
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James Bond, and star Daniel Craig, are in top form in director Sam Mendes' Skyfall, an outstanding entry in the 50-year-old franchise that introduces a thoroughly modern (and instantly classic) villain while elevating the role of 007's MI6 colleagues.
Whatever Happened to Theme Songs?
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Reading today that Fiona Apple has contributed an original song to the movie This is 40 brought back a thought I had during the whole "Here's Adele's Skyfall song" thing at the start of the month. Namely: Whatever happened to movies with theme songs?
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