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Latest 'sam worthington' news

Review | <i>Man on a Ledge</i>
Review | Man on a Ledge
3 Movie News
Generic storytelling and several borrowed plot elements disappoint, but a mostly solid cast and a good work ethic help to elevate Man on a Ledge, the latest action thriller from Summit Entertainment.
Sam Worthington Wants To Be A <i>Commando</i>
Sam Worthington Wants To Be A Commando
3 Movie News
As the fleshy face of the machines in the latest installment of the Terminator franchise and the latest action hero for director James Cameron in Avatar, Sam Worthington is making yet another move to turn himself into this generation's Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Full Clip, Radical Get “Damaged”
Full Clip, Radical Get “Damaged”
3 Comic News
Sam Worthington and his Full Clip Productions partners, Michael and John Schwarz, spoke about their upcoming comic book, "Damaged" and their imprint deal with Radical to publish more comics and graphic novels.
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