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Norman #1
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Norman is an average eight year old boy. He likes riding his bike, watching TV… AND MURDERING HIS FRIENDS! From visionary writer/artist Stan Silas comes a brand- new monthly series …
PREVIEW: “Lenore: Noogies”
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Titan Books, has provided CBR with before and after examples to show readers, both new and old, what the wonderfully dark world of Roman Dirge's Lenore looks like in the new "Lenore: Noogies" full-color hardcover collection.
CBR TV @ CCI 2009: Roman Dirge
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"Lenore" creator Roman Dirge talks to CBR TV about returning to the indie cult classic with remastered editions from Titan Books. Dirge created Lenore in high school, and tells us what it's like to look back on his earliest work.