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11 Things I Want From 2011
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It's a brand new year, and that means a full 52 weeks of new movies, television shows and all other goodies to look forward to... or feel worried about. Here are eleven things I want out of 2011's best and brightest.
Rise Of The Apes Gets A Magical Co-Star
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With the final Harry Potter movie released next year, graduates of Hogwarts are moving on to bigger and better things... like big-budget reboots of classic movie series. Still, at least this time, Tom Felton, AKA the nuisance-and-otherwise-red-herring Draco Malfoy, is trading up movie fathers from Jason Isaacs to Brian Cox.
Dick Solomon Causes Rise Of The Apes
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I knew it; 3rd Rock From The Sun's lead alien may have looked like a bumbling, harmless fool but it turns out he'll be behind the eventual Ape uprising in the upcoming prequel to Planet of The Apes, as actor John Lithgow joins the cast.