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Supergirl: Rebirth #1
3 Comic Previews
Supergirl turns to the shadowy organization known as the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to restore her lost powers once and for all! But as a fateful experiment sends Kara …
Deathstroke: Rebirth #1
3 Comic Previews
A thousand enemies, a thousand kills-Deathstroke is the world’s greatest assassin. Stalked by an unseen foe, Slade Wilson is confronted by his own troubled past and challenged to reinvent himself …
Suicide Squad: Rebirth #1
3 Comic Previews
Soldier. War hero. Traitor. Captain Rick Flag was one of America’s greatest military commanders before he was banished to a secret military prison. But after years of isolation, Flag’s life …
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