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Who Should Join The Movie Justice League?
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If Warners and DC Entertainment have their collective corporate hearts set on building a movie Justice League, then what characters should be part of the team? We've had a Green Lantern movie, we're used to cinematic Batmen and Man of Steel is coming out next year. But which other DC Universe characters should make their celluloid debuts in order to graduate to the Big League?
Poll: Is Amazing Spider-Man‘s Reboot Too Much? Too Soon?
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The Amazing Spider-Man opens today, giving audiences the chance to finally work out those Emma Stone-as-Gwen Stacy issues, and see if Andrew Garfield is less annoying than Tobey Maguire as everyone's favorite friendly neighborhood wall crawler (But, really, how could he not be?). But there's one question that everyone's been asking: Did we actually need it to be a reboot?
TV Shows: How Much Effort for a Second Chance?
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The number of classic television shows that I've never seen an episode of is truly embarrassing. If you list any ten shows that 'most everyone lists as a great series, chances are I'll be lacking at least a couple from my personal viewing. Which leads me to wonder: How many people need to tell you to watch something before you'll finally do it?
Which TV Show Should Get a Futurama-Style Rebirth?
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The triumphant (Well, I liked it) return of Futurama this week shows the value of giving shows another chance - As well as rubbing in just how many series have been canceled while they still had so much more to give. So here's an obvious question for you all: Which canceled show deserves a second chance?
Which Series Had The Best Ending?
3 TV News
Last week, I asked which season finale has excited you most, but following a week that's seen the series finales for Lost, Law & Order, 24 and FlashForward, I'm thinking bigger. Which show's final episode made the biggest impact on you?