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3 CBR Exclusives
Augie wraps up the week in DC and Marvel business news, asking some questions along the way in an effort to figure out what it all means. Also, some thoughts on CrossGen, collection-purging, Dale Keown and the 9-11 tribute books.
3 CBR Exclusives
Pipeline Retro returns with a look at Dale Keown's project, "Pitt." It has a confusing story, creative team, and a convoluted publishing history behind it, but Augie is here to sort through it all for you. Maybe. It gets tricky.
Paul Jenkins Talks The Darkness/Pitt
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After nearly five years of waiting, the showdown between The Darkness and Pitt is finally in stores this week. Writer Paul Jenkins spoke with CBR about the miniseries and why he thinks young Tim makes the characters work together.