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Justice League of America #5
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"Justice League of America" #5 tosses us a Martian Manhunter-themed fill-in from Matt Kindt, Rob Williams, Philip Tan and Jason Paz, but this story isn't the lure to read "Martian Manhunter" that it could've been.
CCI: DC Comics: The New 52 Panel
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At Comic-Con International's DC Comics: The New 52 panel, DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio, Gail Simone, and a slew of creators discussed the September relaunch and the new Flash, Batman and Superman related titles.
LBCC: The DC Nation Panel
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At Saturday's DC Nation panel, held during the Long Beach Comic Con, DC made two announcements with Didio & Tan on "The Outsiders" and an expanded "The Flash" title with Johns, Manapul & Kollins.
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