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3 CBR Exclusives
George spent some time at the recently concluded American International Toy Fair and came away with some childhood toy memories rekindled while looking forward to creating new ones in the months ahead.
CBR’s Mattel Toy Fair Report
3 Comic News
CBR spent time with Mattel's Scott Neitlich during the 2011 New York Toy Fair and came away with news on CCI exclusives, the "Green Lantern" movie line, deluxe Ghostbusters figures, Legion of Super-Heroes and more.
CBR’s Hasbro Toy Fair Report
3 Movie News
CBR News attended Hasbro's Collector-Fan Media Day at the NYC Toy Fair and came away with news on Comic-Con exclusives, "Revenge of the Jedi" collectors packs, "Thor" and "Captain America" figures and more.
NYTF: Hasbro’s Star Wars Lineup
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The Force is strong at New York Toy Fair as a brand new wave of vintage--style original Star Wars Trilogy figures is set to descend upon fans, including the first rocket-firing Boba Fett and a monstrous AT-AT.
NYTF: Mattel’s DCU and He-Man Lines
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New York's Toy Fair continues on with Mattel unveiling the expansion of their popular DC Universe Classics and Justice League Unlimited lines as well as new figures that cross over the DCU and Masters of the Universe.
NYTF: Hasbro’s Marvel Lineup
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Marvel's toy universe grows by leaps and bounds, as Hasbro unveils their 2010 lineup at the New York Toy Fair with new Iron Man movie figures, classic "Secret Wars" throwbacks and ultra cute Super Hero Squad figures & more.
FIRST LOOK: DC Dynamics Supergirl Statue
3 Comic News
Courtesy of DC Direct, CBR presents an exclusive First Look at their new DC Dynamics Supergirl statue, the latest addition to the company's line dedicated to presenting their characters in three-dimensional, dynamic poses.