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What's upcoming in "X-Men: Second Coming," and how will the Heroic Age affect heroes wearing the "X?" Join editors Nick Lowe and Jeanine Schaefer for the answers and check out some exclusive art while you're here!
McCann Makes Dazzler Sing Once More
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Alison Blaire has survived attacks by supervillains and the worst miscreants of the musical industry, but in May, an entire army of evil being lead by her own sister is coming for Dazzler in a Jim McCann scripted one-shot.
Mike Carey’s “Legacy”
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In "X-Men: Legacy" Rogue experienced the proverbial first day of the rest of her life, but the days ahead might kill her. CBR spoke with Mike Carey about his plans for the character now that she has a new purpose in life.
CUP O’ JOE: Marvelman!
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In the first post-Comic-Con edition of CUP O' JOE, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talks to CBR about his convention experience, Marvel's big Marvelman news, and how the publisher plans to structure its new "events."