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MAYO REPORT: April 2009 Sales Analysis
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CBR's John Mayo tracks the trend of April's sales, which saw impressive activity for "Buffy" and "Star Trek: Countdown," the benefits of a "Fables" crossover and a "Messiah War," plus analysis of the $3.99 price point.
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The X-Editors swing by CBR to answer your questions about new, old, and former mutants of the Marvel Universe. And as always, X-POSITION brings you exclusive artwork from all across the X-Men line.
Kyle/Yost/Choi Talk “Messiah War”
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The present and future collide in "Messiah War." a 7-part crossover between "X- Force" and "Cable" beginning in 2009. CBR spoke with creators Christ Yost, Craig Kyle and Mike Choi about the kick-off one-shot, "Messiah War Prologue."