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ADVANCE PREVIEW: “New Mutants” #25
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Marvel has released an advance look at "New Mutants" #25 featuring the debut of Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Leandro Fernandez. With covers by Marko Djurdjevic, Arthur Adams and Jorge Molina, the issue hits May 11.
Spider-Man Joins the FF
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Official Press Release Spider-Man’s sold-out ascent through the Big Time is about to get even more colossal as acclaimed writer Dan Slott and red-hot artists Stefano Caselli and Javier Pulido …
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Marvel Comics has released a new advance look at "X-Men" #3 featuring the newly-vamped Jubilee and Wolverine. The issue, by Victor Gischler and Paco Medina, hits stores Wednesday, September 9.
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