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BCC: The “Wednesday Comics” Panel
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"Wednesday Comics" editor, Mark Chiarello, gathered a panel of the experimental series' contributors to discuss and answer questions about format, collaboration and the potential sequel to the newsprint hit of 2009.
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Paul Pope, who wrote and illustrated an Adam Strange strip for the weekly series, explains how he channeled Steve Ditko and Carl Jung to tell his story, and Mark Chiarello joins us with some final thoughts on "Wednesday Comics."
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Kyle Baker swoops in to talk about his Hawkman story in "Wednesday Comics" and drop hints about a new series he's creating for DC. Also, editor Mark Chiarello shares his Top 5 serial strips for you to check out.
CCI: Wednesday Comics
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An all-star panel of creators behind DC's highly successful "Wednesday Comics" met with fans at Comic-Con to share the trials, techniques and sheer joy that come with working on the Mark Chiarello project.
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