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Latest 'machete' news

CCI | Robert Rodriguez Panel
CCI | Robert Rodriguez Panel
3 Comic News
The director came to Comic-Con International with plenty of news in tow, including updates on sequels to Sin City and Machete, and announcement of a Heavy Metal and the creation of a Frank Frazetta art gallery in Texas.
<i>Machete</i>‘s Trejo Keeps It In The Family For Next Movie
Machete‘s Trejo Keeps It In The Family For Next Movie
3 Movie News
Machete isn't even released until this weekend, but fans of Danny Trejo have reason to celebrate already; he's just confirmed that he'll be re-teaming with his co-star from the Robert Rodriguez-produced grindhouse movie, Michele Rodriguez (No relation) in a new indie movie co-directed by Gilbert Trejo (Yes, that one's a relation).
<i>Machete</i> Carves Up <i>Predators</i>
Machete Carves Up Predators
3 Movie News
If you weren't planning to see Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antal's Predators when it hits theaters next weekend, here's a new reason: you'll get to see the theatrical trailer for Machete.