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Paging All Artists
3 CBR Exclusives
Artists are not interchangeable pieces in the creative process, and Ron Marz offers up one of his script pages and invites any and all artists to submit their version of it.
The Deadly Return of “Shinku”
3 CBR Exclusives
Ron Marz and Lee Moder's Image Comics title "Shinku" returned this week, and Ron explains what happened to cause the long delay. Plus, exclusive art and a look at the official debut of the NSFW "Shinku" sizzle reel video!
3 CBR Exclusives
Ron Marz kicks off 2012 by examining the sticky situation of branding, and whether creators are helped or hindered by their ability to deliver work across multiple genres.
Hand-Selling “Shinku”
3 CBR Exclusives
Ron shares the story of a fan actively helping sell his comic store owner on "Shinku," illustrating the power of fan activism and the problem with today's comic book market. Plus, an exclusive preview of "Shinku" #4!
3 Comics News
“Dragon Prince” writer Ron Marz talks about the sleeper success of the first issue, what’s coming up for the series, and its long journey to comic stores. Also, see preview artwork of the second issue before it hits stands this week!