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2012 Eisner Judges Revealed
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Official Press Release Comic-Con International (Comic-Con) is proud to announce that the judging panel has been named for the 2012 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. This blue-ribbon committee will select …
CBLDF Announces Board Changes
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Official Press Release The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announces changes to its Board of Directors made at the board’s meeting at Comic-Con International. Chris Powell stepped down as President, …
CCI: Indy Writers Unite
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Independent writers unite at Comic-Con International for a discussion about writing, promoting, publishing comic books outside of the mainstream industry and what it means to be independent.
— Return To “Beanworld!”
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The Road to "Beanworld" begins here, as George Khoury interviews creator Larry Marder who shares an exclusive new strip. What is "Beanworld" and where is it all headed? Read this week's edition of POP! to find out.