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Kung Fu Panda #4
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A daring robbery takes place and someone is trying to tear the Furious Five apart! The evidence points towards… Tigress! Is she really a traitor? All will be revealed in …
Kung Fu Panda #3
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‘Daze of Thunder’ – Po has been mastering battle techniques, but can he battle the elements? Well he’s soon about to find out, as Lei Gong – a huge Kung …
Kung Fu Panda #2
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It’s the concluding part of ‘Wake Me Up Before You Po-Po!’ The villains behind the Sleepy Sickness have been revealed! Can Po defeat them before he and the Furious Five …
Michael Clarke Duncan Dies
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Oscar nominee Michael Clarke Duncan, remembered for his roles in such films as The Green Mile, Daredevil, Sin City and Green Lantern, died Monday from complications of a heart attack. He was 54.