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What I bought – 27 May 2015
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“The scene was night in a summer garden. Pinprick stars gleamed down on shaking summerhouses. Plotters glided behind pasteboard hedges. I saw a woman, dressed in her maid’s clothes, hear …
Which TV Show Should Get a Futurama-Style Rebirth?
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The triumphant (Well, I liked it) return of Futurama this week shows the value of giving shows another chance - As well as rubbing in just how many series have been canceled while they still had so much more to give. So here's an obvious question for you all: Which canceled show deserves a second chance?
CCI: The Knight Rider Panel
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The cast and crew of NBC's new "Knight Rider" series gathered at Comic-Con International in San Diego to about the new series and give the public their first look at "Attack Mode" K.I.T.T. and talked David Hasselhoff.