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Previews: What Looks Good for October
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It’s time once again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for cool, new comics. Michael, Graeme, and Chris Arrant have each picked the five new comics we’re most anticipating in order to create a Top …
Previews: What looks good for February
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It’s time once again for our monthly trip through Previews looking for cool, new comics. As usual, we’re focusing on graphic novels, collected volumes and first issues so that I don’t have to come up with …
What Other Shows On Marvel’s List Deserve To Be Made?
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One of the most interesting things about the news about Marvel TV's first two series was the revelation of a list that was given by Marvel to ABC executives of possible series adapting Marvel concepts. Hulk and Cloak & Dagger got selected, but what about the other ones? To use a familiar Marvel refrain, U DECIDE!
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Sure, he writes "The Incredibles" and "Irredeemable" today, but 12 years ago Mark Waid toiled in the coal mines writing "Ka-Zar" for Marvel Comics. Guess what? It's a hidden gem. Augie extols its virtues this week.