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Cover of the Week – March 27
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This week, Kevin flies solo as Deadpool pays a visit to Scrooge, DC's magical heroes make a stand, a bandaged Jack takes center stage, the gang at Morning Glory Academy take a bow and Elektra & Frank Castle share a moment
Cover of the Week – January 9
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This week, John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger meet up, there's a crisis on infinite vacations, the Leader gets red in the face, a galaxy far, far away goes classic and the B.P.R.D. goes snooping in a warehouse.
A review a day: Rift Raiders
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A second Kickstart book in a row! CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?!?!?!? Mark Sable: Writer! Julian Totino Tedesco: Artist! JuanManuel Tumburús: Colorist! Bill Tortolini: Letterer! Kickstart: Publisher! Fourteen dollars and ninety-nine …
Sable Kickstarts “Rift Raiders”
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Mark Sable, the writer of "Grounded" and "Unthinkable" spins a time-traveling tale of teenagers in the Kickstart-published "Rift Raiders" and tells CBR News how Hollywood heat hasn't changed his comics creating.
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