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Colder: Toss the Bones #1
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Declan has gone from a mere human to a reluctant hero-all while the subject of the horrific machinations of the monstrous creature Nimble Jack. But our hero’s trials have only …
Gotham by Midnight #6
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"Gotham By Midnight" #6 has new series artist Juan Ferryra join Ray Fawkes and, even as the team recovers from their loss at the end of the previous story arc, a more mundane case comes their way.
Comics You Should Own – Rex Mundi
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I can’t imagine you didn’t know this was coming! Rex Mundi by Arvid Nelson (writer/letterer), EricJ (artist, issues #0-13), Jim Di Bartolo (artist/colorist, issues #14-15; 6), Juan Ferreyra (artist/colorist, issues …
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