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Pop! returns with the second half of George Khoury and Alex Ross' discussion of "Kingdom Come," closing out the topic by looking at the artist's return to the original concepts with the JSA "Kingdom" arc.
Scott Kolins Talks “Magog”
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Scott Kolins' original five-issue run on "Magog" has been cut to two with the title's cancellation, but he told CBR exclusively that DC Comics will publish a double-sized JSA one-shot to finish his epic story.
C2E2: Bill Willingham Spotlight
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"Fables," "Angel" and "JSA" writer Bill Willingham pledged one spoiler per project during his C2E2 panel and subsequently revealed to fans a marriage in store for Snow White, new prophecies for Spike and more.
Geoff Johns On “Absolute Justice”
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The writer behind DC Comics biggest stars brings the company's original superteam to "Smallville" tonight and shares with CBR the purpose of the Justice Society, the radness of the Star-Rocket Racer and the grand ambitions of DC Entertainment.
WW Philly: DC Nation
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J.G. Jones, Jimmy Palmiotti and Shane Davis were in attendance as Ian Sattler treated the Philadelphia crowd to teasers about upcoming DCU projects before changing up the presentation to a fan-driven Q&A session.