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ELECTION DAY: Don’t Forget To Vote!
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It's Election Day in the USA! Voting is the most important civil right a citizen can exercise, and CBR encourages everyone eligible to go vote for the candidates and ballot measures you support. Need help? We've got some links.
Nerdarchy In The U.S.A.
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With the U.S. Presidential Election in its final days, CBR presents a gallery not of traditional political cartoons, but rather creative and humorous political expressions unique to the comic book and internet cultures.
Obama: “I Was Born On Krypton”
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U.S. Presidential candidate Barack Obama continued to court the "geek vote" at a charity function in New York City last night, saying he was born on Krypton and sent by his father, Jor-El, to "save the planet Earth."
3 CBR Exclusives
Will IDW's presidential comics turn the tide of the election? Are they worth your time? Augie has your first look. Also, as a point of thematic balance, a review of the original "Slapstick" mini-series. All this and more in PIPELINE!
EXCLUSIVE: Presidential Material Preview
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Courtesy of IDW Publishing, CBR brings you exclusive previews of "Presidential Material: Barack Obama" and "Presidential Material: John McCain," the new comics biographies of the leading candidates for President of the USA.