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The Beauty #2
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MATURE READERS ONLY The Beauty has transformed average people into beautiful people. But is it killing them too? Detectives Vaughn and Foster are close to learning the truth, and that …
The Beauty #1
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THE PILOT SEASON WINNER RETURNS! Modern society is obsessed with outward beauty. What if there was a way to guarantee you could become more and more beautiful every day? What …
The Beauty #1
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In "The Beauty" #1, Jeremy Haun and Jason A. Hurley craft a story about the world's first disease that people want to contract and the rich story examining its fallout.
Kickstart My Art | Bad Karma
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Creators Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck have launched a Kickstarter campaign forBad Karma, a 200-page anthology featuring comic-book stories, prose and illustrations by those four …
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