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Secret Identities #7
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DOUBLE-SIZED SERIES FINALE! The Front Line’s world is rocked when the truth of Crosswind’s deception comes out. Will any of them survive the intruder’s final victory? It all ends here!
Review time! with Anti-Hero
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“Where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods? Where’s the street-wise Hercules to fight the rising odds?” Monkeybrain Comics keeps cranking out interesting digital comics, …
Venture #1
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Down-on-his-luck reporter Reggie Baxter has stumbled onto one of the greatest secrets of all time…superpowered high school history teacher Joe Campbell! But who is Joe Campbell and more importantly, how …
Robot Roulette | Jay Faerber
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Thirty-six questions. Six answers. One random number generator. Welcome to Robot Roulette, where creators roll the virtual dice and answer our questions about their lives, careers, interests and more. Today …
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