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Teen Titans #18
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Greg Pak, Ian Churchill and Tom Denerick draw on both "Teen Titans" and "Wonder Woman" continuity in "Teen Titans" #18, where the Titans find themselves in-between Cassandra and Wonder Woman.
Teen Titans #12
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The Titans are shaken to their foundation when the truth behind Superboy’s crimes is revealed. Now, how can the team protect its most powerful member any longer?
Wonder Woman #43
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Donna Troy’s fate becomes more clear as she embarks on a journey that will either end her life or begin a new one, while Wonder Woman draws closer to the …
Inside Ian Churchill’s New Style
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The current 'Hulk' artist gives CBR News the inside scoop on how an injury helped him to smooth out his art in order to introduce the Red She-Hulk and gives us an exclusive look at some pages from his sketchbook
EXCLUSIVE: Hulk #14 Cover Gallery
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Courtesy of Marvel, CBR brings you a gallery of covers for "Hulk" #14, including the never-before-seen variants by Ed McGuinness! Written by Jeph Loeb with art by Ian Churchill, this issue goes on sale August 26.