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Moon Knight #3
3 Comic Reviews
In Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood's "Moon Knight" #3, Marc Spector succeeds in leading an asylum breakout, but not all of his friends make it into New York City with him.
Moon Knight #2
3 Comic Reviews
Marc Spector's tenuous grip on sanity is debatable in "Moon Knight" #2, where the impeccable creative team of writer Jeff Lemire, artist Greg Smallwood and colorist Jordie Bellaire twist reality into a Khonshu-shaped pretzel.
Moon Knight #1
3 Comic Reviews
Jeff Lemire and Greg Smallwood take Marc Spector out for a spin in "Moon Knight" #1, playing up his madness and calling into question how much, if any, of his career as Moon Knight is reality.
Moon Knight #1 (UNLETTERED)
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There’s a bad moon rising in the Marvel Universe. Prepare for a Moon Knight adventure unlike any you’ve ever seen before as blockbuster creators Jeff Lemire (Extraordinary X-Men) and Greg …