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East of West #26
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Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta's "East of West" #26 rumbles forward as Death actively looks for his son Babylon with a new ally, and a new face enters into the presence of the Chosen.
East of West #25
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The smashing conclusion of EAST OF WEST: YEAR TWO begins here. Witness the eventful last gathering of the Chosen before the Apocalypse begins. No one gets out alive!
East of West #20
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A background character gains much prominence in "East of West" #20 as Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta begin the fifth volume of their apocalyptic series in a chilling and gripping manner.
What I bought – 29 January 2014
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Gentle winced. “That’s not religion, it’s masochism.” “And masochism isn’t a religion?” the other replied. “You surprise me.” (Clive Barker, from Imajica) Black Science #3 by Rick Remender (writer), Matteo …
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