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What I bought – 27 October 2010
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The great French revolutionary hero Danton, who will lose his head during the ‘Terror,’ is making a rueful remark. ‘… But Robespierre and the people,’ he observes, ‘are virtuous.’ Danton …
Image Comics On Sale August 25, 2010
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Courtesy of Image Comics, CBR brings you previews of "Invincible" #74, "Savage Dragon" #163," and more. Check back next week for an exclusive extended preview of "Guarding the Globe" #1 and a full issue of "Invincible!"
What I bought – 23 June 2010
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“Concentration-camp existence … taught us that the whole world is really like a concentration camp,” wrote Tadeusz Borowski. “The weak work for the strong, and if they have no strength …
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