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NYCC: Dark Horse Comics Panel
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Dark Horse unveiled a new, in-house designed and maintained digital comics app at NYCC that will offer both older and brand-new comics on a variety of platforms, announced a new "Dollhouse" series and much more.
Which TV Show Should Get a Futurama-Style Rebirth?
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The triumphant (Well, I liked it) return of Futurama this week shows the value of giving shows another chance - As well as rubbing in just how many series have been canceled while they still had so much more to give. So here's an obvious question for you all: Which canceled show deserves a second chance?
Sunday Brunch: 10/18/09
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The last two weeks have felt like two years, and it looks like the comics internet is going through a dry spell. Let’s throw some pity lovin’ at it this …
CCI: Joss Whedon on “Dollhouse”
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CCI's "Dollhouse" panel featured Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku and some surprise members of the cast. Joss spent time talking about the past, present and future of "Dollhouse," as well as his other currently percolating projects.
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