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5 August TV Debuts We Can’t Wait to Watch
5 August TV Debuts We Can’t Wait to Watch
3 Comic News
It's August, which means we're heading toward the end of the summer (I know, I know; I'm sorry) and, when it comes to television, starting to prepare for the 2012 Fall Season rolling out next month. Except at least one show is getting a jump on everyone else by starting early - and cable channels have a few interesting offerings on show, as well. Here's some things you should replace the Olympics-shaped hole in your heart with later this month.
3 CBR Exclusives
This week, Augie enjoyed Kazu Kibuishi's "Copper" and lets you in on why it's so good for all ages. Plus, its the return of "One-Liners," with thoughts on the Captain America brouhaha, Todd McFarlane art, the iPad and more.