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ODY-C #8
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Part Greek mythology, part Arabian fable, "ODY-C" #8 feels dizzying as Matt Fraction and Christian Ward continue the story of Q'af and we learn just how dangerous its past is to our heroes in the present.
ODY-C #6
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NEW STORY ARC. What happened to Ene the Conqueror and He of Troiia after they departed for their home at the end of the Great War?
Cover of the Week – January 9
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This week, John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger meet up, there's a crisis on infinite vacations, the Leader gets red in the face, a galaxy far, far away goes classic and the B.P.R.D. goes snooping in a warehouse.
The Variant Art of Olympus
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With Image Comics' new miniseries "Olympus" #3 on sale today, co-creator Nathan Edmonson provides commentary on each of the series' many variant covers and pinups -- eighteen in all!