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C2E2: Marvel’s Next Big Thing
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The core of the Marvel Universe got its final spotlight in Chicago at the Marvel Next Big Thing panel as Kieron Gillen, Joshua Fialkov, David Marquez and more dropped new story ideas and announced the next arc of Jason Aaron's "Thor."
C2E2: Marvel’s X-Men Panel
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The children of the atom show Chicago their next mutation as X-Men creators Brian Wood, Paul Cornell and more break news on a new X-event called "Battle of the Atom," Wolverine becoming "Killable," the end of "X-Factor" and more.
C2E2: DC’s New 52 Panel
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Charles Soule, Peter Tomasi, Sterling Gates and more writers and artists join top editors Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase at C2E2 to discuss the latest developments in DC Comics' New 52.
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