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Reed Swings with Spider-Man
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CBR spoke with Brian Reed about his "Siege: Spider-Man" one-shot and his "Amazing Spider-Man Presents: American Son" miniseries which will follow the adventures of Harry Osborn in a post-Dark Reign Marvel Universe.
Brian Reed Gets “Embedded”
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In Marvel's upcoming four issue mini-series "Siege: Embedded," reporter Ben Urich will set out to expose Norman Osborn's villainous ways to the denizens of the Marvel Universe. CBR News spoke with writer Brian Reed about the title.
All Hail Queen Sonja!
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CBR News talks to writers Brian Reed and Joshua Ortega exclusively about the end of Dynamite Entertainment's "Red Sonja" and the debut of "Queen Sonja," which launches in October with artwork by Mel Rubi.
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In "Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man," Mac Gargan a.k.a. Venom a.k.a. Spider-Man adopts the mantra of With great power comes no responsibility. We spoke with Brian Reed about the book and previewed exclusive Chris Bachalo art.
Who Is The New Ms. Marvel?
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Official Press Release With Carol Danvers no longer Ms. Marvel, who will take up the mantle? Answer: The Dark Avenger formerly known as Moonstone! Writer Brian Reed and artist Rebekah …
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With "Ms. Marvel" #36 in stores this week, CBR talks to Brian Reed about his plans now that Norman Osborn's Dark Reign is in full effect; plans which include a new title character who's an unrepentant supervillain!
Reed on Reinventing Red Sonja
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Hip deep in his first solo arc, "Red Sonja" writer Brian Reed catches up new readers on how death and resurrection has changed the She-Devil with a Sword, and teases the mystery of The Blood Dynasty.
Blockbuster Brian Reed, Part II
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Writer Brian Reed talks to CBR News about his work on the video Spider-Man video games "Web of Shadows" and "Friend or Foe," gives fans an update on his Image book "The Circle," and discusses his philosophy of game design.
Blockbuster Brian Reed, Part I
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"Ms. Marvel" writer Brian Reed talks to CBR about his new miniseries, "Secret Invasion: Spider-Man - Brand New Day" and "Secret Invasion: Front Line," his future plans at Marvel, and he writes comics on X-Box Live.