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Godzilla: Oblivion #1
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Though Joshua Fialkov and Brian Churilla squeeze a mildly clever twist out of the franchise, the strength of "Godzilla: Oblivion" #1 lies more in its promise of what's to come than what it actually delivers.
Hellbreak #8
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MATURE READERS ONLY Father Lloyd may not follow Team Orpheus into the underworld, but as an exorcist he battles the forces of Hell at work in the mortal realm. Such …
Hellbreak #6
3 Comic Previews
MATURE READERS ONLY In their most recent jaunt into Hell, Orpheus Team lost one of their own. Now, Jenner struggles with reconciling the death of a good man for the …
Hellbreak #5
3 Comic Previews
Orpheus Team has located the lost soul they are tasked with rescuing from Hell… but the ghastly condition in which they’ve found him might be too much to handle! As …
Comics You Should Own – Rex Mundi
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I can’t imagine you didn’t know this was coming! Rex Mundi by Arvid Nelson (writer/letterer), EricJ (artist, issues #0-13), Jim Di Bartolo (artist/colorist, issues #14-15; 6), Juan Ferreyra (artist/colorist, issues …
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