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Development Deal: Avengers Academy
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If there’s one thing that a quick look at the current state of television and movies will tell you, it’s that there’s not much need for original ideas when there’s so much out there ready and waiting to be adapted, updated or just outright ripped off. That’s why we’ve decided to help in that process with a series that offers up some of the things we’d like to see being brought to big screen or small. This week’s suggestion? Avengers Academy.
What I bought – 19 September 2012
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“What of the success of the Expulsion?” Carranque asked. The driver was momentarily silenced. “Success for the Catholics?” I ventured. “Certainly not, Señora.” Now it was Carranque who laughed. “The …
Covers of the Week — August, 1
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This week Hazmat blows her top, Matt and Foggy go their separate ways, Nick Fury takes aim, the Beasts of Burden cast a creepy shadow, and Clint Barton shoots an arrow into the air (it falls to earth he knows not where).
What I bought – 11 and 18 July 2012
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“How do you feel, Yossarian?” “Fine. No, I’m very frightened.” “That’s good,” said Major Danby. “It proves you’re still alive.” (Joseph Heller, from Catch-22) Two weeks of comics, some controversial …
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