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Astro Boy Omnibus TPB
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Who will stand against invaders from space, robot slave masters, and a dictator producing human clones? Astro Boy, that’s who! The most popular and influential creation of Osamu Tezuka, “the …
Committed: Marvel Fairy Tales
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This week I wanted to write about something sweet and lovely, far away from the silly horror stories and swashbuckling superheroes which have become my weekly ongoing comic book staples. …
The Ballad of Nic Cage
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Tomorrow sees the release of Season Of The Witch, merely the latest in an increasingly-long line of random Nic Cage movies of surprisingly low quality (See also Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, either of the National Treasure movies, and so on, and so on). Considering that we've seen proof that Cage is actually better than these movies, it's worth asking: Why does he keep doing this to himself?
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Looking back at what is one of the best comics of the last decade, Timothy explores manga, allegory, and war in the sophisticated retelling of the classic Astro Boy story "Greatest Robot on Earth," "Pluto: Urasawa x Tezuka."
Astro Boy: The CBR Review
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While somewhat lacking in story, "Astro Boy," which opens Friday, is a beautifully animated update of Japan's favorite robot boy featuring great actions scenes, a sense of style, and pop-culture free laughs.
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