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Brutal Nature #1
3 Comics Reviews
In "Brutal Nature" #1, Ariel Olivetti and Luciano Saracino's tale of a 15th-Century Inquisition invasion of a pristine land suffers from cliches and little excitement.
Venom: Space Knight #3
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This preview contains pages from “Venom: Space Knight” #3 and #5. VOLCANO? MORE LIKE VOLCA-YES! • Venom gets an emergency message from a planet made up of volcanoes. The symbiote …
Venom: Space Knight #1
3 Comics Reviews
Flash Thompson is a swashbuckling outer space hero in "Venom: Space Knight" #1, but Robbie Thompson and Ariel Olivetti's series doesn't seem to have much more of a hook than, "Hey, it's Venom" so far.