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3 CBR Exclusives
Over the next few months, more than one hundred collected editions will be hitting the shelves at a store near you. Which ones are worthy of shelling out the big bucks? Tim takes a look and gives a run down of his Top 20.
3 CBR Exclusives
If you only have time to read one column this week, it should be this one! Keith Giffen's back with his thoughts on the "All Star Batman & Robin" #10 fiasco, missing dialog in "Ambush Bug Year None" #2 and much more.
CCI: Spotlight on Keith Giffen
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At Comic-Con International, the artist/writer spoke to fans about his entire career, from "Justice League" to"Ambush Bug" to "LoSH" to to writing for - hey, writing for CBR! (And Trencher and the Heckler, too.)
3 CBR Exclusives
Keith Giffen returns to share his thoughts on "Brave and the Bold," 1960s comic book dialog, what "Countdown" was counting down to, cholesterol drugs and a list of apologies in advance of July's "Ambush Bug: Year None."