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What Was Your Favorite Movie of The Year?
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2012 was a busy year for genre movies, with long-awaited movies that may have disappointed (John Carter, Prometheus), franchises making new bids of life (Men in Black 3, Total Recall) and the superhero movies that ruled them all (The Dark Knight Rises and, of course, The Avengers). But what was your favorite movie of the year? Tell all in our poll.
The Middle Ground #84 | Trendspotting far too early this year
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We're only three days into 2012, but is it too early to predict a trend already? Probably, but the fear of saying something stupid has rarely stopped me in the past. Nonetheless, with the news that Bryan Hitch has ended his decade of exclusivity with Marvel to launch a creator-owned series with Image, is it time to wonder if this is the year where big names go indie again?